3 Tips to Find Your Dream Flat in Singapore

After the dream proposal and dream wedding, comes the time to find the dream flat for every couple in Singapore. But with prices for resale HDB flats soaring in the recent year and the long waiting time for Build-to-Order flats, finding the dream flat in Singapore is no easy feat.

Read on to find out some helpful tips from your trusty Home Property Agent that can help you accelerate your house-hunting journey.

1. Narrow Down Your Search Pool

Are you looking to live in a private residence, Executive Condominium or a HDB flat? If you are planning to live in a HDB flat, do you prefer buying one in a quieter area or one in a mature estate with an MRT station close by along with many other amenities such as polyclinics or schools for your future kids? By deciding on the type of estate you wish to live in, you can narrow down your search pool, which can make house hunting a lot easier.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can then proceed to scour property websites for property listings online. One good thing about these websites is that they usually allow you to search for property listings with handy filters. This way, you only see property listings that match your criteria.

2. Decide if Renovation is Necessary

What makes your dream home? The convenience of the location, the fact that it is on a high level or that it is of a Scandinavian or minimalist theme?

If your priority lies with the size of the home or whether or not it is a mature estate, make that your first priority when looking through property listings. Bear in mind that flats in a mature estate are usually on the pricier side, which leaves you less room for renovation work if you are working on a tight budget.

However, if the interior of the home is what matters to you, you can opt for flats that have never been renovated before, or a BTO flat, since you will be doing renovations to achieve your desired interior design anyway. This way, you can afford to pick a house that is cheaper and spend more on renovation.

3. Leave The Work to a Reliable Property Agent

Searching for your dream house in Singapore that fits your budget, is situated in an ideal location, is the right size and of reasonable lease period can prove to be a challenging task for most couples. To make matters worse, there are plenty of paperwork and administrative tasks that flat applicants have to complete in order to purchase a property in Singapore. The stress of finding and buying a flat can be stressful and overwhelming for couples, and can take a toll on your relationship, so why not leave all the work to a reliable property agent like Home Property Agent? With Home Property Agent’s impeccable service, you will never miss out on great units in the market again!

Not only are we able to filter and sieve out suitable units for you in the market, we will also arrange for multiple viewings until you find one that is up your alley. On top of getting you your dream home, we are also able to help you sell your property quickly, so you can transition to your new home as soon as possible.

The best part of it all is that our team of efficient property agents will handle all HDB-related paperwork and administrative procedures on your behalf so all you have to do is wait to collect your keys to your dream home.

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