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Are you planning to sell your HDB flat?

Have you been trying hard to sell for a very long time?

Not getting viewers or offers?

Not getting the kind of price you are targeting?

Agent pestering you to take a lower offer?

Too long in the open market?

Missing out on super good units in the market because you haven’t sold your flat yet?

Agent didn’t adequately explain the HDB selling & buying procedures to you?

Not getting viewers or offers?

Not getting the kind of price you are targeting?

Agent pestering you to take a lower offer?

Too long in the open market?

Missing out on super good units in the market because you haven’t sold your flat yet?

Agent didn’t explain to you properly on HDB selling & buying procedures?

No worries! You’ve come to the right place. At Home Property Agent, we understand your frustration.

The good news is that you no longer have to waste several months waiting for something to happen. With our years of experience as property agents, we’ve developed a reliable, tried and tested, proven system to sell your HDB flat FAST and at your DESIRED HIGH PRICE!

And not only that, we GUARANTEE to help you plan & manage your timeline such that you can have a smooth, seamless transition from your current flat to your next dream house. Just leave everything to us, and we’ll have it settled!

HOW Do We Do It?

Here’s the secret. Did you know that buyers don’t even need to be physically present to view a unit in this day and age? Nowadays buyers have already made up their minds when they view the unit online, remotely!

The concept of “viewing” a property has shifted from the traditional physical way to the digital media world. And in this new method, first impressions matter A LOT.

So, in order to sell at a high price, we must focus on where the buyers’ attention and interest are — on their PHONES!

Instead of posting a few boring, unattractive photos of an HDB apartment on PropertyGuru, let me show you how our team at Home Property Agent specialises in capturing the buyer’s attention – through their phones!

1) Solid Marketing Plan

First, our property agents will meet up with clients to help them conduct detailed financial calculations, timeline breakdown, and market analysis for selling and buying their HDB in Singapore  and give them advice on the best property strategy.

Once we’ve decided on the strategy, we draft a detailed action plan to make their unit attractive to buyers in the open market.

We will craft a marketing story and angle that highlights the TOP selling points about the unit.

2) Home Staging

Then, if necessary, we’ll revamp the HDB unit with our own matching furniture and accessories so that the buyers can visualise the potential “feel” and aesthetic layout of the apartment!

3) 360 Home Tour Video & Marketing

A home tour video will be created to showcase the interior features of the house. This will not only highlight the impressive assets of the home but also surrounding location & amenities, transport, future developments, investment potential. The best part of it all is that it highlights all positive aspects of the unit, so that prospective buyers will appreciate the merits of the unit even before they step into it.

4) Social Media Marketing & Targeting

We then broadcast the whole marketing package – home tour videos, photos, floor plans, and additional details about the flat!

Like most property agents, the video tour of your HDB flat will be published in popular property portals like PropertyGuru,, SRX. But what sets Home Property Agent apart is that we also spend money from our own pockets to run advertising campaigns on social media – where most enquiries come from! Social platforms like Facebook & Instagram are where most people spend their attention, so by capturing their interest, owners will get even more queries, and as a result, acquire more offers for the HDB units!

5) Buyers Respond Through Social Media

Many different buyers would have responded to requests to view the listed unit, through all the media outreach. We’ll also provide them with further details of the flat being marketed.

6) Closing The Deal

As your property agent, we declutter, clean up, bring in our furniture and stage your HDB unit for viewing day. During the open house, we usually arrange multiple groups to come together on the same day, one after the other – to save time for owners and create competition and demand among the buyers.

Then, we pitch the unit’s core marketing story and angle to the customers, show them the unit’s positive points and features, including its surrounding locality, transport & amenities!

Once buyers have expressed their interest, we will present the offers to our owners and help them negotiate. Once we have a buyer whose price & timeline matches the owner’s desired target, we will then collect the booking deposit from them and start sales paperwork.

For sellers who are purchasing their next unit after selling their HDB flat, we will immediately filter suitable units available for them in the market and bring them to view multiple units until they find a unit they like. Then we negotiate prices, arrange a timeline, and handle the necessary paperwork so that our clients can have a smooth & seamless transition from their current unit to the next while having sufficient time to renovate their new flat before moving in!

7) Settling All Paperwork Leading Up To Completion / Handover Day

HDB admin procedures, rules & regulations can be quite confusing and complicated, right? Don’t worry!

Our experienced, efficient and dedicated team of property agents will settle all HDB processing and administrative paperwork for you (Including intent to sell, intent to buy, option to purchase, valuation, engaging legal service, resale submission, endorsement, grant & loan processing, contra facility, extension of stay, POA etc.). You won’t have to lift a finger. You’ll only have to wait for the completion appointment and collect your sales proceeds/keys to your new flat!

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Are You Facing These Issues With Your HDB Flat Sales?

  1. Receive very few viewings or no viewings at all.
  2. Property in the market for a very long time
  3. Constantly receiving unreasonably low offers from buyers.
  4. Do you want to sell at a price higher than the valuation? 
  5. Keep missing out on good units as your unit is not sold and your agent has not planned your timeline properly.
  6. No feedback from your agent at all.
  7. Agent not being honest with the current market conditions
  8. Agent not creative or aggressive enough in marketing your property. 
  9. Agent seems to have disappeared.

Stop this from happening right now! Stop wasting your own precious time!

Get in touch with us if you’re looking to put up your 4-room HDB for sale or look for a resale HDB flat anywhere in Singapore, including Bukit Panjang, Jurong West, Choa Chu Kang or Woodlands. Start buying or selling your HDB flat with Home Property Agent today!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee! We only charge agent fees if we have successfully helped you sell or buy your HDB flat (only with your permission and agreement to the offer made by the buyer!) If we are unable to sell your HDB flat within 1 month, let us know and we will do our best to correct it! If you are still not satisfied then, you can terminate our services at no cost.

Start selling/buying your HDB flat with us today!


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